Dean has been very, very, very busy over the past 20 years. Swinging from trees and kicking a ball has taken up some of that time but he has mostly been absorbed within the wonderful world of animation for TV and film.

He enjoys the process of bringing a script to life sometimes bringing it to life when there isn't even a script to speak of!

As a story artist he has created many memorable moments in films such as Disney's Gnomeo and Juliet. (Thinking about them makes me chuckle). He also brought the polar bears to life as they fought a bloody battle in Phillip Pullman's 'The Golden Compass'. He has drawn skeletons and other assorted dead things in Tim Burton's ' The Corpse Bride'. He has also drawn classic Disney characters such as Cruella de Vil, Tarzan and The Little Mermaid as well designing new ones for several Disney DVD titles.

No time for a rest. There's more to tell.

He was kept quite busy as Director of the BBC animated show 'The Lampies followed by lots of drawing for 'The Secret Show', and 'The Animated Mr Bean'.

There was Uli Meyer's studio and countless commercials, Richard Williams studio , Supervising animator on Space Jam, more storyboarding on the Tale of Despereaux and…well after all that he still maintains an energy and enthusiasm for the work that only a hyperactive child could, although that may be down to the strong coffee.